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Dutch Soft Robotics Symposium 2024

The Dutch Soft Robotics Symposium celebrates soft robotic research from the Netherlands and its surrounding neighbours. It allows researchers to share their work and connect with others through presentations, demos (which are highly encouraged!), dinner and drinks. The event will be held at NatLab, which is conveniently located in Eindhoven’s city center.

Keynote speakers

  • Robert Katzschmann (ETH Zürich): Title TBD
  • Cindy Kao (Cornell University): Designing Robotic Hybrid Skins

Invited speakers

  • Benjamin Gorissen (KU Leuven, Belgium): Distributing functionality in Soft Robots
  • Simon Eugster (Eindhoven University of Technology): Title TBD
  • Jonas Veenstra (University of Amsterdam): Odd elasticity, work cycles, and adaptable locomotion in active metamaterials

Research topics

  • Fluidic circuits
  • Snapping behaviour
  • Continuum mechanics
  • Meta materials
  • Soft robotic perception
  • Soft sensors
  • Soft robotic applications
  • and more!

Important dates

Price breakdown

  • 1 day: 100,-
  • 1 day + dinner: 130,-
  • 2 days: 180,-
  • 2 days + dinner: 200,-