Awaz Ali and Aimée Sakes get awarded The Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ Thomas Hawksley Gold Medal for best original paper

We are delighted to inform you that our paper on the development of a novel 4 DoF Steerable Catheter for heart interventions has won “The Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ Thomas Hawksley Gold Medal”, which is the premier award of The Institution for the best original paper published during the preceding year.  The award takes the form of  a Gold Medal awarded to the Lead Author and replica Bronze Medals to the co-authors.

In the paper we developed a novel 4DoF dual-segmented multi-steerable catheter (Ø3mm). This catheter combats current mechanical limitations identified in clinically available steerable catheters and was successfully tested in a beating pig-heart experiment, illustrating the ability to steer inside the heart with a variety of complex shaped curves. This catheter may lead to more patient-specific and lower complexity procedures.

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