PhD Position at TUe: Self-propelled soft robots and soft actuators

  • Soft robotics, sensors, soft actuators

 We're sorry to inform you that this opening is no longer available.

Soft robotic systems and/or actuators is a rapidly developing field of engineering. It is booming now due to recent advances in 3D manufacturing which made it possible to produce flexible structures rapidly and at low costs. It is expected that the soft robots can replace conventional robots in the areas where a safe human-robot interaction is critical to accomplish the task.

This project will focus on self-propelled soft robots and soft actuators and their modeling and control, and includes problems as modeling flexible structures, embedded sensors (how to measure angles/positions/curvatures), manufacturing flexible robots with 3D printers, and cooperative control of pneumatically actuated soft structures.

The PhD candidate is expected to study and explore new possibilities for self-propelled soft robots. The project is aimed at making a demo setup different from what is usually demonstrated as a soft robot.

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