Jovana Jovanova

Dr. Jovana Jovanova is assistant professor at the Department of Maritime and Transportation Technology, Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering, Delft University of Technology. She joined TUD in January 2020 and her research is focused mainly on design of large-scale smart structures and systems. Her team works on design of adaptive structures and systems that can change their properties and/or functionality over time to improve performance, reliability and efficiency. Adaptability can be achieved by introducing smart (meta)materials and /or implementing mechatronic system design. The advanced design techniques she applies integrate CAD tools, FEA, design optimization, parametric and generative design, analytical and numerical modelling, prototyping and experimental verification of design performance.

As adaptability is one of the key features found in nature, she is excited to explore large animals and plants for bio-inspired soft robot designs and opportunities for scaling up. Challenges that occur with size increase such as multi-scale modelling, (distributed) actuation and weight are part of her ongoing projects. Applications include soft robots for break bulk handling, (autonomous) transshipment equipment, (active) vibration control, energy absorption, shape change, modular vehicles and origami engineering.