Mahboubeh Keyvanara

Mahboubeh received her BS.c in 2012, and MS.c in 2014, in mechanical engineering from Isfahan University of Technology. She finished her Ph.D., also in mechanical engineering with emphasis on Dynamics, Control, and Vibrations, in 2020 from Isfahan University of Technology. During her Ph.D., she visited the Department of Nutrition and Movement Sciences within the Faculty of Health, Medicine, and Life Sciences, at Maastricht University, to work on part of her Ph.D. as a guest researcher.

Her core research centers around modeling and control of dynamic systems. In her Master’s she focused on an orthosis used for the treatment of Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease (LCPD), and she developed a 3D model of joints space path planning of walking with this orthosis. Using this model, the clinicians were able to study the effect of different parameters of the orthosis on the treatment of LCPD. In her Ph.D., she followed the goal of improving the postural balance of human stance. She developed a model of human postural control system showing the integration of different body parts and paying attention to the vestibular system. Furthermore, she worked on improving the postural balance of the paraplegic subjects by modifying an orthosis these subjects use.

Mahboubeh is currently working as a postdoc at the Dynamics and Control department within the Mechanical Engineering Faculty at Eindhoven University of Technology. In her current work, she will study mathematical modeling and control of soft robots to find a reasonable balance between the model precision and its applicability for control.