Bio-inspiration for Soft Robotics (WUR – TT)

  • Status: Active

This project will focus on the reverse engineering of the building- and working principles of selected biological gripping systems, with the goal to transfer the unravelled principles to technical solutions in collaboration with the partners at WUR and the other TUs. On the one hand, the arms of the cuttlefish will be studied by quantifying the internal and external morphology and material properties at multiple scales, spatial motion analysis, and inverse- and forward dynamics modelling. The model will contain modules for the solid mechanics of the muscular systems, the nervous system and the mechanical feedback from mechanical sensors. The predicted motions of the model will be tested against detailed 3D-motion recordings of the actual biological arm and its interaction with the environment. On the other hand, the attachment mechanics of the cuttlefish and tree frogs will also be reverse engineered, which forms essential input for the WU postdocs and other TU collaborators.