Applied Experimental Methods: Human Factors (TUD)

The class “Applied Experimental Methods: Human Factors ” is an MSc course given at the 3mE Faculty at TU Delft. It aims to allow students to perform a ‘mini-graduation project’ in six weeks, in small groups (2-3 students). They will independently design, perform, analyze and present a human factors experiment, guided by four supervisors.

Learning goals
After following this course, students should be able to:

  • Independently design, execute and analyse a human factors experiment, and:
  • Formulate a clear hypothesis in the field of human factors that can be tested experimentally, in a realistic amount of time with a realistic amount of means
  • Set up a methodologically sound experiment to test this hypothesis
  • Select, adapt or build an experimental setup
  • Gather reliable experimental data on test subjects
  • Choose appropriate metrics
  • Apply correct statistical techniques
  • Choose the most relevant results, and construct the most clear figures to show them
  • Critically reflect on your own experimental findings
  • Communicate clearly through presentations and writing