Master’s Theses


  • Kortman, V., Sakes, A., Breedveld, P. A Suction-based Soft Tissue Gripper for Minimally Invasive Surgery – an Explorative Design Study.
  • Kooiman, H., de Kater, E.P., Sakes A. Design of a Grasping Mechanism for a Friction-Based Transport Mechanism
  • van Gelder, S.P., Trauzettel, F., Sakes, A. Development of a Soft Expandable Self-Propelling Probe
  • Verheijen, D., Sakes, A., Breedveld, P. Design of a Novel Propulsion Mechanism for Flexible Endoscopes Inspired by Plant Root Growth.
  • Treep, S., Sakes, A., Breedveld, P. A Double-Walled Flexible Friction-Based Locomotion and Transport Mechanism
  • Copier, R., Sakes, A., Langowski, J.K.A., Dodou, D. Adhesive mechanisms and the role of positional adjustment on tree frog toe pads


  • Glaser, N.: Squeeze film levitation setup adaptations & Development of a 2-D force sensor. [Supervision: WUR-EZO J.K.A. Langowski, J.L. van Leeuwen; TUD-3ME M. Wiertlewski, D. Dodou].
  • Tonnele, M., Sakes, A., Breedveld, P. The Development of a Steerable Wasp-Inspired Mechanism for Tissue Extraction in Minimally Invasive Surgery.


  • de Kater, E.P., Sakes, A., Breedveld, P. Development of a Flexible Friction-Based Transport Mechanism.
  • de Hont, S., Culmone, C., Sakes, A., Breedveld, P. MemoSnake: An analysis of a dynamic serpentine snakelike robot with mechanical shape memory control as indirect propulsion.
  • Atmopawiro N. Ghodrat, S. Barati, B. and Sakes, A. Designing a locomotive device driven by a shape memory alloy composite: a mimicry of the caterpillar movement.